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Studio YAEL PERRY was founded in Tel Aviv by Interior Designer Yael Perry. 

The studio specializes in Plan & Interior Design of residential and commercial spaces including private houses, luxury residences & micro living.

Yael’s projects are characterized with a unique aesthetic, uncompromising quality, minimalism, precision, innovation, out of the box ideas and functionality from the interior layout through detailed work plans to unique, minimal interior details and a rich material palette.

The projects are harmonic, tailor-made to her clients needs & are aware of the context and the surroundings of the space.

​Yael’s projects are awarded & published in the most leading architecture & Interior Design magazines in the world.


About Yael Perry

After years of a successful management career in the high-tech field, Yael founded her Interior plan and design studio in 2014.

Following graduation with honors, Yael was invited by world top designer Karim Rashid to practice at his unique design studio in NYC. The internship at Karim Rashid's exposed Yael to various large commercial & residential projects, new materials, interesting work methods & unique style.

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